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Who needs life coaching?
The fact is, that everyone needs a life coach. Imagine a sports team or an Olympic athlete without a coach. How well would they fare? Now, why shouldn't your life be treated with the same care and respect as a sport or competition? Isn't your life worth MORE than any sport or activity? Your life DESERVES that you give it that much attention and respect. In reality, most people that seek life coaching are actually very bright and successful in many areas of their life. They seek personal coaching to balance everything together and achieve a higher level of success. Every single person can benefit from having a life coach.

For example, do you want to:
- Live to your full potential
- Remove stress & balance your life
- Feel inspired
- Find your purpose, direction in life
- Get motivation, enthusiasm, desire
- Have a clear mind
- Do more with less time/energy
- Complete your projects in full
- settling for less than what you deserve
- Maximize your growth and successes
- Achieve results that speak for themselves

The bottom line is that most, if not all, highly successful people have a life coach or mentor. If you want to experience life on a whole new level, you owe it to yourself to get a coach. In over 10 years of being in the life coaching business, we have never encountered 1 single client that regretted their decision to seek coaching. It's e possibly the best and smartest life changing decision that you can make RIGHT NOW.

What does life coaching offer you?
Having a life coach is like having an insurance policy for success. You are guaranteeing yourself to succeed. You have a back up. A life coach is like having a partner that has a vested interest in your success. A life coach has wisdom and leadership skills, gained over years from their own personal successes as well as with having guided many others towards success, which transcends into your own life. Life coaching is a team effort, and having a personal coach gives you the peace of mind that you are not alone when facing obstacles. A life coach's job is to help you do what you do, to the absolute best of your abilities.

Some benefits of life coaching:
- Better direction & guidance
- Concise planning and organization
- Discovering your untapped potential
- Someone to own up to & look up to

Life coaching is a long-term commitment, and requires patience. Within a matter of 3-6 months, you are to experience significant, life-altering changes that will reshape your entire existence. The growth and transformation is exponentially positive, in relation to the length of the life coaching relationship.

On top of resolving the main issues for which you are seeking coaching, you can also expect to witness the following positive changes within your life after starting a life coaching program:

- Better attitude, more positive energy
- Increased focus and work ethic
- Boost in confidence as you progress in the right direction
- Happier with your work and your personal relationships
- Higher performance at what you do
- Clearer mind, with a sense of direction like never before

With long term life coaching, beyond the initial months, you can expect to become a permanently inspired person, with a definite purpose in life, with deep desire and drive, and experiencing life on a scale that you never thought imaginable before. You become completely balanced and efficient. You become more connected, and you attract amazing opportunities your way. You increase the value and quality of your work. You become the person that you always knew existed inside of you, but that never really came out to the surface. You become that ultimate being that believes they can do anything and everything they set out to do. You become that Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, and so on.

How is life coaching completed?
You can experience the value and quality of the life coaching services of from the comfort of your own home, anywhere you might be in the world. Mostly, people prefer phone coaching, but we can also provide instant messaging coaching, and video conference coaching. It's up to you, whichever method you feel most comfortable with.

Why are we the best coaching solution for your needs?
Most life coaching solutions on the web are from people that do it as a part time job and perhaps took a quick course to become a so-called "certified life coach". We believe that a true leader isn't made this way. A leader that inspires growth and transformation can't be made from some course and certainly can't be made from a part time gig. We are the opposite of this. We live and breathe motivation, success, and self improvement, every single day. For us, helping and guiding people is a full-time, 24/7/365 job, and it has been so for over a decade. The question is simple, do you want your life coach to be a part timer with few credentials in the self help world, or do you want to be coached by a team of leaders that are completely immersed into the world of self improvement and motivation? It's the difference between dealing with an amateur and a professional. INeedMotivation life coaches are professionals that live success around the clock. After all, that's what our business is all about!

More reasons to choose for your coaching needs:

Work together as a team. Your success is our success, so we help you clarify what is most important to your life and create a level of accountability that helps you into reaching your goals. We are with you all the way!

Trust & understanding. We have over 10 years of experience helping people all over the world, in all walks of life reaching their full potential. We focus on your needs and guide you in the direction that you truly want to go.

Honest & challenging. Using a caring, yet logical approach, we are honest in assessing your situation & your needs. We also challenge you to produce the best results you can & reach a performance peak you never thought you could.

Rapid results. Our entire framework is based on providing effective results with immediacy. We make you recognize the patterns that are affecting you quickly, and then help you create new, more productive patterns.

Personal touch. Life coaching is often called personal coaching because it is deeply personal. We work with you closely & consistently to ensure the best results possible. Your life coach is your friend and wants to see you succeed.

How much does it cost?
We have a variety of different packages to choose from:

Single Sessions:
Bronze - 60 min. Session - $99
Silver - 75 min. Session - $114
Gold - 90 min. Session - $124

Monthly Packages (Best Value):
Alpha - 4 sessions (1 per week) - $299
Beta - 12 sessions (over 3 months) - $799

All packages include email support/feedback.

We HIGHLY recommend that you select the Alpha or Beta packages, as the effectiveness of life coaching exponentially goes up with consistency and momentum. Although one session helps, if you are looking for life changing dramatic results, then make the commitment to get life coaching for a month or longer. You will see how powerful and effective such personal mentoring really is, and the results within your life will be astounding.

Do you offer a free consultation?
No we do not. We have found that people that are looking for a free consultation are not typically serious about making some serious changes in their lives. We prefer to deal with clients that understand that quality comes with a price. We provide the best life coaching solution available online, and we feel that our prices are a reflection of the commitment and professionalism that we convey. Although we do not provide a free consultation, you can always call us toll free at 1-800-605-2064 ext.1 to discuss your life coaching needs at any time!

How long should I continue the coaching for?
Ideally you should always have a life coach. But this is up to you. You can keep the personal coaching until you attain your desired goals and results. Then, you can either or simply decrease your life coaching needs. What we find with most of our clients is that after completing their initial goals, they continue with their life coach as they strive towards new goals. Remember, after a few months, they are a totally different person, with more drive and motivation than ever before. We have had clients that have kept our life coaching solutions for many years! When you consider the clarity of mind, the effectiveness of your actions, and in most cases the increase in salary and income, the investment into life coaching is a smart one that deserves to remain ongoing. Life Coaching is your ace in the hole. It's your secret weapon to ENSURE success. Why would you ever give that up?

How do I book my coaching session?
You can take the initiative that very few dare to take. Are you part of the mass that will turn away from this page and give up on the best opportunity to change their lives, only to continue feeling unsatisfied and inadequate, or are you part of the elite few that want something new and different and are willing to take that crucial first step? In this very moment, you can make the decision that will transform your existence like never before. You can book your 1st life coaching session RIGHT NOW by choosing one of the options above, or calling us toll free at 1-800-605-2064 ext.1.

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