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Living A Course in Miracles
By Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D
8 CD's - $79.95

Living A Course in Miracles

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Product Information

In Living A Course in Miracles: Applying the Course's Messages of Wisdom, Courage, and Forgiveness, notorious Course expert Kenneth Wapnick takes you on an exciting journey of spiritual transformation. As he puts his insights before you, you may notice that shifting the way you think, feel, and in the experience your life may open doors that you weren't even aware exist.

Whether you are a long-time student of A Course in Miracles or a newbie to the vast insights of this powerful document, you are, no doubt, on a great expedition of spiritual awakening. The Course has been a fountain of inspiration to spiritual seekers all over the globe.

In this distinctive program, Ken shares his insights on:

* The captivating story of how the Course was first discovered and documented.
* How the Course has affected his and his wife Gloria's lives.
* How to cope with your relationships in a style that is compassionate and life-transforming.
* How to stare at your fear without judgment, and how to deal with your fear when it arises.
* The six stages of Development of Trust and releasing your current values in the world.
* How to engage in your scarcity principles by dealing with the wisdom of the Course in relation to money.
* How to discern and adopt love over the fears that have invaded your life existence.
* How true forgiveness can set you free of your own self-confining existence.
* How to feel the Holy Spirit as a benevolent and all-loving presence in your life.
* And much, much more!

Use the rare perceptions that are shared in this rich program to your life, and bring to light the wisdom that has transformed the lives of thousands the world over.

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