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Living Rich by Spending Smart
By Greg Karp
4 CD`s - $39.95

Living Rich by Spending Smart

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Product Information

Today, in the era of punishing income taxes, the money that stays in your pocket and your bank account is valued at far more. In fact, most first-generation millionaires would agree, it's not your income that makes you prosperous - it's what you don't spend your income on that gets you there.

That's the wealth-building foundation behind this audio program from award winning personal finance columnist, Gregory Karp. At the very beginning of the first CD forward, you'll walk in Greg's shoes (which he probably got for seventy-five percent off) as he shares more than a hundred secrets only an insider could know on Living Rich by Spending Smart.

Begin using Greg's advice to up the leaks of wasteful spending today, and it will seem like you were promoted and got a significant pay raise - because you DID! You're saving hundreds upon hundreds of dollars each month!

And the best part is … you'll spend smarter without stripping yourself of the things you cherish. Live your life to the fullest while you shift hard-earned cash to what you truly care about.

Cut college cost in half - Save hundreds at the supermarket - Vacation each year for less - Invest your money in what works - Spend less on all your insurance - Raise your credit score - And MORE ...

Plus, you'll immediately …

* Expose your most reckless spending - known as FIT - and save upwards of a thousand dollars a year.
* Begin spending your earmarked money in these 3 ways that will always lead to your happiest and most satisfying life.
* Cut wasted spending down to zero while zeroing-in on the best bargains

Living Rich by Spending Smart makes you master over your money, so you can build true, lifelong security. By Spending Smart, you can truly live rich.

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