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The Longevity Solution
By Eric Plasker, D.C.
6 CD's - $99.95

The Longevity Solution

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Product Information

A long, vivacious, and satisfying life doesn't happen by sheer chance!

People are living longer than ever before. In fact, centenarians - people who live to 100 or older - are becoming the largest population there is today.

Your parents and grandparents may have been surprised by how long they've lived and what they had to go through for it, but you can bypass that. You can remain vivacious and lively, with great friendships, a reason to meet the day, and plenty of cash in the bank, at 85, 90, and beyond. The Longevity Solution will give you all you need to achieve all of that, in a way that is simple, exciting, and fun.

Your guide to The Longevity Solution, Dr. Eric Plasker, has spent the past twenty years researching and examining the areas of human potential. This total life program is the result of his years of family practice, research, and acting as a support in help ing people increase the quality and quantity of their lives.

This customizable program will help you to:

* Improve your health, vitality and quality of life
* Attain a thriving financial model that will last for 100 years and beyond
* Open the door to a wealth of new beginnings-third, fourth, and even
fifth acts
* Build a strong network of friends and family
* Accomplish a sense of purpose and an powerful reason to get up-no matter what your age is
* And much more

Aging no longer needs to be feared -- the opportunity to achieve all of your dreams and establish a noteworthy legacy - if you get ready for it.

Effortless and enjoyable to use, The Longevity Solution gives everything you need to enjoy a super second half of your life. With Dr. Plasker's one-of-a-kind tools and strategies, you can establish your own plan to change your life, fulfill your potential, and embrace your longer life with a sense of expectation.

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