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Master Strategies for Higher Achievement
By Brian Tracy
6 CD's - $79.95

Master Strategies for Higher Achievement

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Product Information

People and companies that can react in an entrepreneurial way to the fast changes taking place will get a piece of the action. Those who can't will quickly become dinosaurs.

To get ready you need to alter your thinking from corporate strategic planning to personal strategic planning. The days when a young person could grab on to a large company and focus their career climbing through the ranks is nearing an . It is critical you chart your future with goals and skills that make you an independent operator, someone who can not only perform the job you were hired to do and then quickly get busy with the next challenge.

In Brian's approach, the product that needs continuous polishing, to be frequently re-launched as "New and Improved," is you.

In Master Strategies for Higher Achievement, Brian Tracy gives advice and challenges that will help you graduate to the next plateau, to gain personal value, and with it your personal fortune. You'll learn the entrepreneurial skills of success that will shift your personal potential from low to absolutely high.

Brian will teach you how to:
o Transport the natural flow of capital (from investors to good ideas) towards you
o Use "Zero-Based Thinking" to manage your money and time
o Increase two-fold the hit ratio on your goals using the GOSPA Model
o Switch time for money without relinquishing more than you can afford
o Use the "Four Key Questions" to frequently grade your performance
o Attain financial independence so that you never lose time on money worries
o Measure your progress using happiness as the inner measurer
o Permit ethical and spiritual development to stimulate your development in all other areas

With Brian Tracy's Master Strategies for Higher Achievement, you'll become who you want to be and become an expert navigator at achieving it.

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