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Maximum Speed Learning
By Howard Berg
4 CD's - $79.95

Howard Berg's Maximum Speed Learning

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Product Information

Effectively process all of the information that is set before you and use it to increase your level of success ten-fold!

In Maximum Speed Learning, the world's fastest reader will familiarize you with the newest scientific breakthroughs in the exciting arena of brain-based learning. You'll acquire the skills to undertake material in multiple subject areas to absorb written, verbal, and sensory information at an amazing high level, including how to …

* Daze your boss, your co-workers, and everyone you meet with clear and powerful communications.
* Lay open the layers of knowledge and depths of intelligence you already possess but just don't know how to activate.
* help writer's block and break through creative ruts, using simple, sure-fire techniques.
* Get into new levels of information others miss by learning how to successfully become in tune with and correctly make sense of the critical "vibes" of the people around you.
* Efficiently solve problems and answer questions that most people are in the dark about how you did it.
* And more!

Howard Berg's Maximum Speed Learning makes learning pleasurable, the way it should be. By using the plans contained in this program, you will be able to make any data easier to understand by conforming it to your own personal learning style.

Rapid knowledge transfer is the future of the globe. And Howard Berg's Maximum Speed Learning will endow you with tips and methods to help you absorb the information you must have and to make it easier to read, learn, retain, and transfer. You'll learn how to stand out in a world where what you know defines your power to succeed!

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