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By Donna Faiman Cercone
7 CD's - $159.95


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Product Information

Mega Learning is an unusual program that will demonstrate to you how to activate all 12 intelligences using a one-of-a-kind set of tools. For instance, you'll discover the power of color to increase learning. The program includes a set of colored gels. By putting certain colors over reading material, you'll learn the information faster and far much better than you ever thought possible. You'll also uncover the mind-opening power of other modern unconventional tools such as music, sound, and visual surroundings. These methods are captivating and fun, and you'll be surprised at how powerfully they impact your ability to learn.

You'll be able to:

* Understand any subject or task in a fraction of the normal time
* Make test scores better by as much as 60%
* Assimilate technical manuals, reports, and numerical data faster and easier
* Reduce corporate training time by as much as half while modifying retention by up to 80%
* Make the most of learning through the efficient use of music and sound
* Make learning easier and greatly increase memory using the mysteries of color
* Develop ideal working and learning environments
* Boost confidence and self-esteem by leaps and bounds
* And much more!

Mega Learning is based on years of tiring research and practical execution in both classrooms and private tutoring sessions, and coordinates the best learning systems available into the most complete, comprehensive program of its kind.

This powerful, energizing program will equip you with all the resources you need to learn new information quickly and completely. Get your reward now before you change your mind!

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