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Mentally Fit
By Lee Pulos, Ph.D.
6 CD's - $79.95

Mentally Fit Forever

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Product Information

It's not hard to train the mind! With the suggestions you'll find from psychologist and mind expert Dr. Lee Pulos, you'll uncover not only how to recognize failing or fading cognitive skills, but how to improve and strengthen your natural brain power.

Mentally Fit is not a program for building your memory in the normal sense. There are no mnemonic gimmicks. In fact, there is no system at all you have to memorize! The program is intent on focusing on the physiology of the brain and overall brain health.

In Mentally Fit , you'll learn the secrets that will allow you to:
o Erase fears about getting older and discover your true potential
o Use whole-brain thinking to extend mental fitness
o Using supplements to slow down stress-induced free radicals from causing tissue damage
o Encourage your thinking skills with mental strengthening exercises
o Discover a new generation of powerful anti-oxidants, body de-toxifiers, and certain hormones that assist brain function
o Improve your mind and body to receive top-rate performance
o Gain and preserve emotional balance and stress-free living
o Maximize your ability to learn and retain useful information
o Hone your memory with established techniques
o Uncover the characteristics of mentally flexible people
o And much more!

For years Americans have been force-fed programs for weight-loss, heart health, nutrition, and exercise for a healthy body. This program is the first program of its kind that focuses on your most critical physical asset -- your brain.

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