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Million Dollar Marketing Secrets from the Masters
By various authors
36 CD's & 2 DVD's - $499.95

Million Dollar Marketing Secrets from the Masters

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Product Information

Million Dollar Marketing Secrets from the Masters
is an unsurpassed substitute for complete libraries of old, traditional marketing books and courses that you might have tried yet saw no real results. The best of the best of marketing solutions from established marketers are included in this BRAND NEW program. Names that you are familiar with such as Jay Conrad Levinson, Joe Polish, and Jay Abraham are just a few of the many who have had a major influence on what is included in Million Dollar Marketing Secrets from the Masters.

Here is a look at what you'll learn:

The 10-minute Marketer's Secret Formula by Tom Feltenstein
Will teach you the formula needed to attract highest potential customers.

Piranha Marketing by Joe Polish and Tim Paulson
Be prepared to learn how to eat your competition alive with this radical, innovative and consistent, tested and proven system for operating a 24 hour business that turns into a profit generating money maker.

Jay Abraham's The Mastermind Marketing System
Learn how to tip the scaled in your favor while you enjoy being the dominant business that your competitors can only dream of surpassing.

62 Free Ways to Grow our Business Profits by Jay Conrad Levinson
The founder of Guerilla Marketing will show you how over 100 ways to market your business of which 62 are completely free! You'll uncover ways to dominate your market, snatch your competitor's customers, outthink, dispel, and help every competitor in your field.

The unification of these proven sales programs in Million Dollar Marketing Secrets from the Masters will rapidly change the way you run your business! Sit back and just watch how your business is re-created while implementing strategies from this tax-deductible marketing treasure.

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