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Mind/Body Nutrition
By Marc David
7 CD's - $99.95

Mind/Body Nutrition

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Product Information

Mind/Body Nutrition will make you want the food on your plate less. Instead, you will be able to listen to the "brain in your belly", which is the controller of your metabolic processes. What is within the controller is the key to weight loss without starving or losing health or well-being. Look into the interior of Mind/Body Nutrition and you'll begin to understand:

* A simple change you can begin that will at once change your body for the better
* The 12 most important nutritional facts (ah, but you only think you know them)
* What the famed "French paradox" is
* How to eliminate the emotion that can shut down the metabolic process
* That there are 3 levels of diet and how to determine what your body is in need of at different times
* The two-week Pleasure Diet that you'll just have to try to believe it
* Why nutritional facts you've learned all your life are lies
* If that artificial sweetener you put in your coffee each morning is actually making you fat
* The five stages of metabolically limiting beliefs
* The "Gut Wisdom Inventory"
* 5 nutritional lifestyles and how to pinpoint your type
* And much, much more!

This program will open your eyes and give you practical tools you've wanted all your life. It goes without saying that the changes that come about in your body will last a VERY long time!

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