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Mind Travel
By Dick Sutphen
6 CD's - $79.95

Mind Travel

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Product Information

Modern research has substantiated the theeory that all matter is composed of energy - energy that never sleeps, only undergoes metamorphosis.

If we were able to comprehend the full spectrum of energy around us, scientists are quick to point out that we would uncover entire new worlds, including similar realities and duplicate universes ... where, some conjecture, events of our lives that we have yet to experience have already taken place!

In MindTravel, Dick Sutphen takes you on a stupendous journey into the unexplored kingdoms of perception that exist all around you.

Using deep relaxation techniques, Dick lures you into a state of altered awareness, a level of sharpened consciousness that joins you with your natural psychic power, and carries you into the mysterious 90% of your mind that is undeveloped.

In this altered state, you'll exceed time and space, checking out the past, viewing the future, and analyzing remote present-moment events. You'll also hear real-life stories of people who have successfully traveled beyond the realm of the physical and made noteworthy breakthroughs.

In a special bonus cassette, Dick talks about his own personal adventures and experiences, and offers resourceful ways to put MindTravel to work in your life. And, he gives you an effective relaxation method that you can use anytime to direct yourself into the theta-state of awareness.

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