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Motivating People Towards Peak Performance
By Brian Tracy
2 CD's + 1 DVD - $105.00

The Effective Manager Seminar Series: Motivating P

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Product Information

Most employees work at an average of 50% of the actual productivity that they are capable of. This means that many companies are wasting billions of dollars every year. Brian Tracy will teach you how to elevate your employees drive to its fullest potential. Drive is the fuel that feeds employee productivity. Without it, everything is delayed or incomplete.

Soon after trying this course you'll have the answers to virtually any question you've ever had about sales. Learn profitable strategies in this power packed seminar as well as important tips on how to hire the best talent, 2 ways to brainstorm fresh, new ideas, how to sell like you've been selling all your life, how to persuade your employees to give it all they've got, how to lead and conduct meetings that produce successful results that you can see right away and so much more!

Your company may not have all of the money you want right now but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to acquire the best training. Businesses are failing left and right. It will be wise to learn all of the effective business strategies that will help your business survive against the competition.

This power packed management gem is a must for present owners and entrepreneurs.

This series includes duplicate copies of the CD and CD-ROM Workbook so that you can distribute duplicate copies among your employees. With everyone on the same page, learning the same strategies, you'll maximize the results of this powerful program.

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