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Earl Nightingale Video Classics DVD
By Earl Nightingale
1 DVD - $49.95

Earl Nightingale Video Classics DVD

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Product Information

Recognized as the Dean of Personal Development, Earl Nightingale was heard for over 30 years on over 1000 radio stations across the United States, Canada and 10 foreign countries, which puts him in the annals of history as being one of the most listened to broadcasters.

The one thing about Earl's broadcasts and his recordings is that he encourages you to act. People don't just listen to Earl; in essence they become students -- taking notes, replaying the messages, and then applying the messages to their daily lives.

Earl Nightingale Video Classics is like a "greatest hits" DVD of some of Earl's most inspirational messages. It has such popular sections as:

* Being a Leader
* The Rewards of Service
* The Miracle of Your Mind
* The DVD adaptation of the classic The Strangest Secret

No motivational speaker delivers the messages like Earl Nightingale. His work depicts his incredible research abilities, drawing upon the ideas of truly influential people of all times. From the Bible and ancient Greek philosophers to current day commentators, he has read and taken to heart the great works. For additional points of interest, in 1956, Earl Nightingale wrote the essay that was to become the L.P. called The Strangest Secret. This recording became the first spoken word message ever to receive a Gold Record by selling more than one million copies. Earl Nightingale has many programs, all of them being bestsellers. Three of them are the classics Lead the Field, The Essence of Success and Start Here.

He is now passing on his vast library of human knowledge with his own original and creative commen-taries on life and the ways of successful living to you. Don't let this pass you by!

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