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How to Be a No-Limit Person
By Dr. Wayne Dyer
6 CD's - $79.95

How to Be a No-Limit Person

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Product Information

In How to Be a No-Limit Person, Dr. Dyer points a sometimes irreverent, always insightful brightness on the significant and little ways we beat our own calm, happiness, success, and sanity. With the straightforwardness and humor that continue to arrest audiences around the globe, he shows us how and why we permit and sometimes even encourage circumstances outside of our control to ruffle our inner harmony.

Then he offers an recommendation: the path of the No-Limit Person. On this path, you attain everything you set your mind to do. You're happy and productive no matter what the considerations. Life's little frustrations just don't ruffle your feathers anymore. You face your fears and challenges head on.

In this breakthrough program, Dr. Wayne Dyer shows you how to become one of these life-loving, No-Limit people and how, as a No-Limit Person, you can:

·Get up each morning with high expectations and a clear feeling for direction
·Do away with depression immediately by doing one effortless thing (it works every time!)
·Realize super physical and emotional health
·Take on a new attitude for change and see the benefits
·And much more!

The message Dr. Dyer shares in How to Be a No-Limit Person is as pioneering and exciting today as when it was first published. It is also one of those unique programs that has universal relevancy and appealingness. No matter what age you are, what you do, or where your interests lie, Dr. Dyer will have you totally agreeing in recognition and laughing out loud even as you find your outlook changing, your options reproducing, and your capacity for living positively and decisively expanding by leaps and bounds.

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