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One Small Step Can Change Your Life
By Dr. Robert Maurer
8 CD's - $99.95

One Small Step Can Change Your Life

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Product Information

Learn the powerful force of kaizen … and apply it to easily, efficiently attain any goal or change anything you want to!

We've been conditioned to believe that change is a "battle" - something hard strived for and hard won, something that calls for struggle and forfeiture. But as anyone who utilizes the method known as kaizen can tell you, that just isn't so. With kaizen, change is easy, simple, and unavoidable.

In One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way to Success, author, psychologist, and world-renowned kaizen expert Dr. Robert Maurer familiarizes you with this simple yet very powerful transformation technique and gives you formatted step system for using it to attain big and small changes in your life, with speed and agility that will astonish you. In this exciting combination of studio and live recordings, Dr. Maurer will teach you how to:

* help PROCRASTINATION - even if you've had to deal with it all your life.
* ELIMINATE DEBT - even if your table is overflowing with unpaid credit card bills and feel there's no hope to pay them.
* CREATE A MORE BALANCED LIFE - even if you can't decipher the way or the time or the energy.
* WEIGHT LOSS - even if you're totally fed up with dieting
* BUILD WEALTH - even if you've found it out of the question to save money or create wealth up until now.
* BAD HABITS - like smoking or overeating, even if you've tried before and failed.
* START DOING WHAT YOU LOVE - even if it's a stranger or you can't see it becoming your primary job.

Embedded in ancient Asian philosophical systems and adopted today by major corporations, inventors, athletes, governments, social and business leaders, and highly effective people from all walks of life, kaizen is truly unbelievable but easily learned. One Small Step Can Change Your Life will give you the power of this potent force.

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