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Optimal Health
By by Jim Loehr, Nick Hall, and Jack Groppel
6 CD's - $59.95

Optimal Health

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Product Information

Science now understand that the mind and body are molded together to an extent far surpassing previous assumptions and that physical health and emotional well-being are bonded together, as well. The stress of everyday life-often depicted as extended working hours, unhealthy environments, greater demands, and disorderly commutes-exhibits a worrisome challenge to the state of good health, optimal health.

Optimal health exceeds the mere absence of disease. It is a state of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being-what athletes label as Ideal Performance State-in which calmness, energy, humor, confidence, and focus predominate.

This markedly new program will show you how to apply nutrition, exercise, and even acting techniques to enjoy optimal health and quality living. You'll also discover how to:

* Empower yourself with all of your mental, emotional, and physical qualities
* fortify your immune, cardiovascular, nervous, and endocrine systems
* Uncover the food-mood connection and learn to use it to your advantage
* Establish alternatives to mainstream drugs and supplements
* Recognize your ideal menu choices
* Change negative emotions and influences into powerful, positive ones for a more successful life
* Increase your motivation and self-confidence for greater personal effectivity
* Learn relaxation techniques that you can draw on to alleviate stress and possibly even save
your life

Optimal Health will show you how to use your internal health system to surmount the unhealthy conditions in today's world and, better yet, to gain access to your Ideal Performance State daily.

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