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Perfect Health System
By Gary Null
8 CD's + 2 DVD's - $149.95

Gary Nullís Perfect Health System

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Product Information

The march of time may be unable to be prevented, but the outcome that time has on the way you look and feel is entirely under YOUR control. In Gary Null's Perfect Health System, world-renowned nutrition and health expert Gary Null spells out in minute detail his complete, A to Z system for anti-aging and total health that will empower you to:

* Halt and begin to reverse the biological aging process
* Look and feel better in 10, 20, even 30 years than you do today
* Identify and root out the underlying causes of imbalance in your life
* Never worry about being sick again
* Create a mind and body that are not in conflict and know how to deal with stress
* And so much more!

The Perfect Health System is built around 7 down-to-earth, doable steps that Gary has accumulated from years of scientific research, study, experimentation, and observation about how to be truly, deeply, and undeniably healthy.

Gary outlines each of these seven potent steps for you in graphic detail - explaining exactly why each step is paramount to your overall health and wellness … what the impact will be on your body and mind once you take the step (and what it will be if you don't!) … and the particular actions you should take to begin the step across the scope of your life.

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