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Sri Siva's Personal Transformation
By Sri Siva
12 DVD's - $199.95

Sri Siva's Personal Transformation

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Product Information

In Personal Transformation, this esteemed and idolized guru will show you how to use the mysterious art of mantra meditation to achieve practical outcomes in your life today. The meditations you will learn and apply will empower you to create very particular changes in your life.

By following Sri Siva's guidance, you can:

* Heighten your physical, psychological, and spiritual beauty
* Attest to the material comforts you desire
* extinguish earthly issues like debt and litigation
* Endow yourself with a personal association to God
* Countermine negativity in your life and around the wider globe
* Create lucrative new professional opportunities
* And much more!

This 12 part system is planned to guide you through a one-year journey to complete spiritual and material abundance. Each month, you'll concentrate your practice on one specific area of your life. Sri Siva's firm yet easy guidance will energize your powers of reflection, opening your mind to the truth of your world and the changes you need and want to do in that area.

The full scope of meditative mantras

For years, Sri Siva remained near silent about the enormously potent meditation practice in which he had been trained. He shared these mysterious secrets with only a select few, including relied on friend and student Dr. Wayne Dyer. Dr. Dyer directed his attention on one particular meditation in his program, The Secrets to Manifesting Your Destiny.

In Personal Transformation Sri Siva himself verbalizes at last, revealing not just one powerful sound, but the full range of meditative mantras that apply to the most important issues in your life, including finances, health, relationships, longevity, business profit, risk taking, and enlightenment.

A system more than 2,000 years in the making, Personal Transformation will afford you the wisdom, knowledge, and practical tools you must have to systematically change every aspect of your life and enjoy the inner and outer wealth we are all meant to have.

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