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The Phoenix Process
By Gerald Epstein, M.D.
6 CD's - $89.95

The Phoenix Process

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Product Information

The phoenix is a mythological bird who, the story goes, died in flames, and then rose again out of the ashes, born anew. Take heart! It is now possible for YOU to arise from the pressures of life that contain helps, incomplete starts, letdowns and dreads of your past, into a born anew person - the same but changed.

The Phoenix Process shows a new, complete path to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being, refreshing your power to not be confined to the past while gladly entering the road to prolonged life. In these six remarkable sessions you will uncover how to best use a collection of four simple, 60-second, do-anywhere methods in order to:

* Slow down the aging process
* Lessen and maybe even eradicate illness
* Do away with conflicts as they come up
* Throw away feelings of stress
* Become smarter in your decisions
* Witness ACTUAL one-minute transformations recorded LIVE
* And much, much more!

Created by world-renowned guided imagery pioneer Dr. Gerald Epstein, The Phoenix Process was developed to be highly useful, easy to understand and be able to be used anywhere. Every technique along with its uses are detailed out, and you'll learn the best way for you to use them successfully for any troublesome issue you might have.

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