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Piranha Marketing
By Joe Polish & Tim Paulson
8 CD's + 1 Bonus CD - $299.95

Piranha Marketing

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Product Information

In Pirahna Marketing, renowned marketing experts Joe Polish and Tim Paulson unmask their fanatically different, tested and proven system for transforming any business into a profit generating mechanism that operates and earns 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This affordable, effortless, high-return strategic system will help you discover ways to transform your business with unbelievable speed and comfort.

The 16 power crammed session will:

" Teach you how to eternally destroy the need for face to face selling.
" Ask and answer the one question you must know if you want to succeed.
" The factory like process that will make your advertising work like a fully operating, methodical machine except no manual labor will be required.
" Teach you how to dominate your industry and efficiently become the only provider of your product and/or service.
" Teach you the astounding sales force that will work when you're not, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
" Teach you how to reach more people than you would normally reach in a year, with one phone call per hour.
" Show you the $80 investment that generated $8000 worth of business in one week.
" Teach you the incredible way to instantly separate your business from its competitors while increasing average sales, your realized value and your conversion rate.
" Teach you how build solid customer loyalty by controlling just one thing.
" Four habits that will guarantee people refer you.
" Tell you about the marketing tool you should destroy today and never consult again,
" Disclose the practically no cost thing that you probably don't use which is costing you half on your profits.
" Show you the #1 way to create instant cash flow.
" Teach you how to make income for life while you learn how to create value from each customer you encounter.
" And much, much more!

You can apply many of these proven strategies immediately and experience astonishing results. The Pitahna Marketing system is designed to take the pressure from you and put the fun and enjoyment back into being a business owner. This system has help ed thousands of new business owners add millions to their bottom line. This program is perfect for you if you're ready to make a lot more money and begin enjoying your life while owning a successful business.

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