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The Power of the Mind to Heal
By Dr. Joan Borysenko
6 CD's - $79.95

The Power of the Mind to Heal

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Product Information

According to Joan Borysenko, healing is really the easiest of matters. We heal by becoming truly ourselves, by uncovering our wholeness.

The road to healing is one of self-realization. It is a shredding of fears, concepts and negativity that cloud the light of our own true nature and its innate substance of compassion, creativity, wisdom and love. As negativity is modified, the physical body often
heals as a result.

Evolved both from modern psychology and the great spiritual traditions of the world, The Power of the Mind to Heal is an audio cassette mentor that presents transformative methods of overpowering negative patterns and discovering the higher self.

Listen as Dr. Borysenko coaches you to:

* Arrive at greater inner peace through insight into the significance of your experiences.
* Have a spiritual framework that can alter your life and relationships.
* Recognize your ego and the way it magnifies fear.
* Learn to help fear and feel the peace, wisdom, joy and love of your own true existence, your higher self.
* Free yourself from feelings of guilt, blame and remorse.
* Acquire a philosophy of compassion and forgiveness-for others and yourself.
* Institute a daily practice of meditation and prayer that will shore up your conscious connection to the Divine.

Listen to this program and you will be captivated, inspired, taught and uplifted. Work with this program and you can help obstructing emotional patterns. Apply yourself to a practice of mindfulness, meditation and prayer and you can mend not only your own soul, but become a healing influence on others too.

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