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The Power of Chi
By Robert Pino
6 CD's - $79.95

The Power of Chi

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Product Information

In this striking program, The Power of Chi: Applying Far Eastern Insights for Effortless Living, Robert Pino exposes those secrets, explains them, and hones them for use in the world we live in today. Robert has spent years to studying the wisdom traditions of the Far East, including many types of martial arts and the philosophical teachings of Buddhism and Taoism. At the same time, he's established a successful career as an author, corporate consultant, and management coach. Relying on his unique background in the spiritual underpinnings of success and personal fulfillment, Robert describes specific principles for connecting with chi and the dramatic change it can bring.

What's more, he joins these principles with specific strategies and maneuvers for applying them every day. The Wisdom of Chi isn't a history lesson or a philosophy seminar. It's a distinct program for getting everything you want and should have, with the basic energy of your existence as your personal power source!

Over the course of these 12 highly informative sessions, you'll learn:

* What chi really is - and why it has always been realized by great thinkers and achievers.
* How to see your unique mission in life - and how chi can let you turn your goal into a reality
* The role of chi in bringing body, mind, and spirit into perfect balance
* What time really is and isn't - and how chi makes time work for you rather than against you
* The divergences between chance and personal destiny - and the power of chi to span that gap
* How the energy of chi can carry you beyond self-created fences that limit so many people
* How to share the vigor of chi with others in your life, so they can relish the same success that you've discovered

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