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The Power of Perpetual Income
By John Cummuta
4 CD's - $99.95

The Power of Perpetual Income

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Product Information

In this program John Cummuta, author of the popular Nightingale-Conant program Transforming Debt into Wealth®, looks at four businesses that you could start and run, simply and expeditiously while you keep your regular job. Or, if you're looking for a way to benefit from the knowledge to start a home based business for yourself, these four businesses offer outstanding ways to do that as well. These businesses are honorable, realistic undertakings for the mainstay person or household. Now there are many ways to make money, but many of them can be unique, require skills you don't have, or are - quite frankly - underhanded.

The four businesses John teaches you about in this program are: The online auction business; buying and renting out residential real estate; developing and marketing information products, like books, audios, videos, newsletters, articles, seminars, and the like; and the fairly new online affiliate marketing business. As you analyze each of these four businesses, John will explain their income potential, working the business part-time versus fulltime, the business's work-at-home potentiality, how the business actually operates, any specific knowledge that can be help ful, resources that can help establish the business easier when starting up and running, tips for success at the business, and extra information resources that can give you a more comprehensive knowledge about each business

Each of these businesses offers endless growth potential, so, as John portrays them, any of them could grow from a part-time income stream to a full-time business for you. And any of these businesses could be successfully run by anyone simply with a will to do it. It doesn't take any advanced learning to succeed in any of these four businesses.

Don't delay - get your copy now so you can unearth the useful information hidden in the packed sessions of The Power of Perpetual Income.

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