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The Power of Present Moment Awareness
By Shannon Duncan
6 CD's - $79.95

The Power of Present Moment Awareness

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Product Information

The worth of living in the present moment is easy to comprehend. But it can be very difficult to actually make that happen. This is even more so true in the midst of the stress and chaos of our daily life that captures so much of our time and saps so much of our energy.

The Power of Present Moment Awareness: How to Turn Ordinary Moments into Peak Experiences closes the gap between having an understanding of "right now" awareness and truly opening to the experience of it.

Author Shannon Duncan merges an engaging, accessible, down-to-earth discovery of the meaning and value of present moment awareness with his vast accumulation of simple, practical, instantly usable techniques, strategies, and exercises. The outcome is a program that makes one of the oldest, most basic, yet most elusive principles of spirituality readily attainable at last.

In this mind-expanding program, you'll learn how to utilize your everyday experiences as fundamental teachers that can bring your life into increasingly sharper focus. With this you can:

* Go through life with a more calm, unstrained awareness.

* Actually enjoy and treasure your daily life.

* Learn to stay present in the moment when you most require to - and when it's most difficult to do.

* Realize and surpass the limitations you place on yourself and on others.

* Resist being hurt, offended, saddened, or negatively impacted by the actions of others.

* Intentionally live your life instead of simply "surviving" it.

* No longer be subjected by reactive thoughts and actions.

* Literally remold your experience of life.

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