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Prime Thinking Skills
By Dr. Carl Aylen
6 CD's - $79.95

Prime Thinking Skills

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Product Information

In a career sweeping over 30 years, Dr. Carl Aylen has become known as one of the world's leading experts in the field of computational neuroscience and human performance. He has a deep understanding of the joining between the ways that people think and the ways in which they behave. Over the course of his career as a researcher, teacher, CEO, and corporate reconstruction expert, he has made far-reaching strides by thinking counter-intuitively - that is, by examining those ideas that people usually take for granted. Through vigorous research and practical testing, he has looked at numerous popular approaches to being successful. The findings of his exhaustive research are found in this program, Prime Thinking Skills: How to Clear Your Personalized Path to Success.

In this new, innovational program, you'll learn:

* The three basic disciplines to lay the foundation for a life of continued success that keeps on going
* How to make utilize the four thinking views.
* Your greatest roadblock to your success.
* How to stay on course with your thinking and actions you need to surmount self-motivation.
* How to understand the person you have the most communication with.
* How gender-based differences shape thinking and how environmental factors mold thinking-style development.
* And much more!

Most of us move much closer to success than we realize. In Prime Thinking Skills, Dr. Carl Aylen will point out to you how to recognize and break apart the perceptual obstacles between you and success. As you listen to this program and see the power of these insights and skills for yourself, many of them will both astonish you and challenge your current thinking. Prime Thinking Skills will mentor you on how to control the four thinking perspectives and wiggle your way into a world of intelligence that will bring success to your life - your definition of success.

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