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Manifest Prosperity Brainwave MP3 Download CD

An easy and natural way to attract success and wealth into your life

prosperity manifestation brainwave

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Do you want to attract more success into your life? Do you want to lead a life of prosperity? You can develop the proper mindset required to start enjoying a more enriched existence. This brainwave MP3 download and CD can provide you with a natural way to experience a more properous life.

Establishing a life of increasing happiness and success at all levels start within the mind. Only with the right frame of mind can you begin the process of inducing everything that you have always wanted into your life. Allow yourself the opportunity to create, dsiplay, and manifest all that is prosperous around you.

This is an Alpha session which ramps down to 10 Hz, or mid Alpha. This protocol is meant to put the listener into a relaxed, receptive state where mental imagery is more easily created and visualization techniques are more effective. You can start attracting more good fortune, more success, and more prosperity; all naturally with this brainwave MP3 download and CD.

Use this session in a comfortable, quiet place, which is free of distraction. Remain in a chair or lying down. After starting the session, relax and close your eyes. Headphones are not required but can be helpful. You should remain as calm and relaxed as possible during the session.

Subliminal suggestions (not audible out loud) embedded within this course:

1- I am opening my mind to attracting success within every aspect of my life
2- Prosperity comes to me easily, simply, and remains
3- I am opening the doors and allowing happiness and prosperity to enter my life
4- I am empowered, knowing that my mind is ready to welcome success and wealth
5- Attracting success and happiness is a natural, simple process for me
6- Every one of my thoughts and actions are in line with attracting prosperity
7- I am an enriched being, feeling at peace with my destiny
8- I thrive with the idea that wealth, of all meanings, has entered my life
9- I know that I can make all my dreams come true
10- I am ready to flourish and embrace prosperity in all aspects of my existence

Course length: Approx. 45 minutes
Download size: 58 MB

Recommendations: Listen to the course daily, and you can start seeing a significant difference within a matter of days! Do not use this course while driving.

Combined Brainwave Therapy™
Our series of brainwave entrainment courses are crafted with the best programs and equipment available. We use a variety of different methods to produce the highest level of brainwave entrainment possible. Such methods include:

- Isochronic Modulation (pulse)
- Auto-Pan Modulation
- CrossFeed Modulation
- Low Pass Filter Modulation
- Binaural Beats
- Monaural Beats

Listen to a sample preview:

Why you can trust
We have provided 100,000's of people all over the world with the highest quality in self improvement for over 10 years. You can simply listen to the preview above and judge for yourself! As well, see what other clients have to say about our products by reading our testimonials page.

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