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Prosperity Consciousness
By Fredric Lehrman
7 CD's - $79.95

Prosperity Consciousness

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Product Information

Fredric Lehrman wants you to realize that you can resolve the discrepancies between levels of thought, so that your subconscious mind will objecting and begin cooperating with your conscious aims, finally allowing you to bring in what you work to achieve.

Filled with practical techniques to re-educate your mind, this course shows how to arrange your money before you spend it, establishing habits that will free up your time and your creativity.

This course will put your financial house on a new stronger foundation. You will learn how to:

* Grow thoughts in your mind from seedlings into Redwood trees
* Uncover your underlying beliefs about money and how to change them
* Use the Five Account System for sensible money management
* Play "Prosperity Scrabble" as a way to develop new money making ideas
* Change your surplus energy into a business that serves others
* Direct the pipeline of wealth into all areas of your life
* Enjoy a stress-free relationship with money

The many true stories on these disks will help to swing open the door into your thinking, and give you thoughts that will generate tangible actions and measurable results. Since the release of this course in 1994, thousands of people have substantiated its effectiveness in their own lives. One struggling secretary moved up to being a top-bracket writer and lecturer in her field. A consultant to leading US corporations and international banks said that the main beliefs work just as well at that level as for first-time individuals who listen and are struggling to pay the rent. It is guaranteed that you will never think of money the same way again after you hear this program.

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