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Your Psychic Pathway
By Sonia Choquette and Patrick Tully
6 CD's - $79.95

Your Psychic Pathway

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Product Information

In this visionary and stimulating program, Sonia Choquette will not only show you but also tell you how to reclaim the utmost personal power of all-the power to choose prudently and reap the rewards of a life lived with guidance from a higher knowledge.

Your Psychic Pathway will give you the tools to:

* Learn that you are psychic (even if you think you aren't)
* Listen to your inner voice in making suitable and clear decisions
* Step aside from conflict through meditation and increased self-awareness
* Act on your instincts by maintaining a psychic journal of coincidences and synchronicities
* help all the negativity for greater clearness and purpose
* Understand how to get along effectively with other people
* Use psychic tools like the pendulum, automatic writing, and psychometry

Beyond logic, beyond the normal, exists a whole world of Higher Knowledge just waiting to be drilled into. With Your Psychic Pathway, you will finally unthread the secret mysteries of your mind, and use your findings to create a life of immeasurable spiritual freedom and satisfaction.

Dear Friend:
It is my honor and great pleasure to be able to spend this time with you, sharing the information that has brought so many gifts to my life. I believe that the sooner we all begin to recognize that we are designed to be psychic-as much as we are designed to have eyes, ears, and noses-the sooner we will come to embrace just what marvelous sophisticated, creative, and soulful beings we really are. I hope you enjoy the wonder of the path as much as I have.

Blessings and Love, Sonia.

Listen to the program and set yourself free from the notion that staying incessantly busy and withstanding trials and tribulations are requirements for achievement. Align with your heart's most prized and unique desires, and then simply stay pay attention to the magical synchronistic clues that will clarify, direct, and brighten your unique path.

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