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The Psychology of Selling
By Brian Tracy
6 CD's - $89.95

The Psychology of Selling

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Product Information

How would you like to triple your
income in just 12 months?

That's the unbelievable promise legendary sales mastermind Brian Tracy utters in this "graduate level" sales training program - one of the best, most consolidated programs of its kind ever produced.

"Selling is an inner game," Brian states, "and the difference between top performers and mediocre ones is not as set apart as you might think. Top performers just do a variety of things a little bit better each day." In these 12 sessions, you'll learn the proved techniques that will give YOU that vital edge, so you can blow the roof off your closing rate and your commissions. In this landmark program, you'll discover:

* Why the top 20 percent of salespeople earn 16 times more than the rest

* The ten features of superior salespeople

* The psychology of purchasing

* How to break a prospect's preoccupancy

* Why goal setting is an important element of sales success

* Six ways to step-up effectivity

* How to handle a prospect's nine most common protests

* The Law of Six and how it will be able to help you

* And so much more!

Put your armor on and use the proven skills from this program on so you can become a master at selling. Climb to the top and stay there. Did I mention that you could be able to easily sell your way through tough economic times, personal slumps, and increased competition.

All it takes to reach the stratosphere of sales achievement is desire, commitment, and specialized knowledge. You supply the first two, and let Brian Tracy supply the rest.

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