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Quantum Memory Power
By Dominic O'Brien
8 CD's - $129.95

Quantum Memory Power

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Product Information

You'll learn to recall names, faces, numbers, birthdays, dates, appointments, or any order of numbers you want. Once you have let loose your memory power there will be no boundaries to the type or quantity of data you wish to store.

The techniques, the systems and strategies that I am going to show to you are in my opinion unsurpassed. I believe they are the most powerful in the world and I take exception to anyone who says they have developed something more powerful.

The reason is simple. I formulated each and every method from my own experiences. The systems that worked I used and fine-tuned those that didn't work I threw out. My only fear in producing this course is that you may be the sole person who will use these methods to help me! I simply request one favor - that at the awards banquet, you at least mention the fact that you employed these techniques to beat me!

With each powerful technique I give you, I'll give you practical applications and exercises to try and strengthen your powers in each area. You'll be using your imagery and creative powers in ways you never thought possible to gain speed, accuracy and poise in the development of your own special quantum memory powers.

In Quantum Memory Power, you'll learn:

* what makes your brain operate
* to better your decision making powers
* the exciting domain of mnemonic symbols.
* a powerful way to recall directions
* to create laser-sharp concentration
* how to excel in a tough job interview
* filing mental facts
* an increased aura of self-confidence
* to commit to memory a deck of cards and huge numbers

You're about to take the journey of a lifetime. I guarantee, you never knew that learning could so much fun. See you at the next World Memory Championship!

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