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How to Be a Rainmaker
By Jeffrey J. Fox
6 CD's - $79.95

How to Be a Rainmaker

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Product Information

There's a name for individuals who are able to distinguish the customer-grabbing, revenue-generating power in their unique job and make it bigger at every possible opportunity. They're called rainmakers.

Rainmakers can be relied on to get their job done quickly and well. But even more important, no matter what their job is, they always keep the bottom line in sight and mind: creating more customers and more cash. That's why it's the rainmakers of the world who are lavished with raises, promotions, bonuses, referrals, new business, perks, and praise of all kinds.

In How to Be a Rainmaker: Unexpected Rules for Business and Personal Success, popular author and highly recognized marketing consultant Jeffrey Fox exposes the myth-busting, convention-blasting strategies, techniques, and ideas used by today's most successful men and women across the job arena to grab customers, render cash, and differentiate themselves as superstars in their fields. In these 12 information-packed sessions, you'll discover:

* How to scald your brand onto peoples' imaginations.
* 13 steps to leaving a obligating voice mail message.
* The "magic" time and place to have a client meeting.
* Three things NOT to do when you're on a business trip
* The message your selling must always communicate.
* The calamitous response to a market slowdown that's also the most usual.
* One thing you should always put in a headline.
* "Bad" words you should never utilize for advertising.
* The truth about the customer always being right.
* Remarkably easy ways for you to grab the critical edge.
* And so much more!

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