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Real Intelligence
By Dr. Laurence D. Martel
9 CD's - $99.95

Real Intelligence

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Product Information

In Real Intelligence, Dr. Martel divulges this proven brain-expanding system to you and demonstrates how you can quickly and easily implement it in the most critical areas of your life so that you can achieve results that are very similar and equally astounding.

First, he'll guide you through a series of straightforward questions. Why? This is to help you identify your unique learning style. You'll begin to realize which factors step-up your ability to think, act, and process information effectively.

Also, be introduced to the Magic Learning Box - a powerhouse of unexpected yet very influential and practical secrets, methods, and strategies, all aimed to help you stimulate your brain's full power. At a moment's notice, you'll have multiple "tools" within your grasp, including:

* The Ergonomics of Learning
* A series of strategies, tactics, and tools that will give you confidence and help you build your real intelligence.
* Theory R relationship-building strategies to expand on your learning.
* Keys to closing the gap between your brain and your heart to accomplish an incredible state of integrated, whole-mind learning.
* A simple remedy for "reading fatigue."
* Gadgets, gizmos, and contraptions you can use for learning while making it fun.
* The story of seven letters that will propel you to immeasurable increases in your performance.
* How to use your eight different intelligences you probably didn't know had!

There's so much more that would take pages and pages to include here. Come see for yourself and gain Real Intelligence!

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