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Sacred Voices
By Wolf Moondance
8 CD's - $79.95

Sacred Voices

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Product Information

In this distinctive program you will:

·Learn the influence of sacred ancient ceremonies and Native American music.

·Be taught how to make a medicine bundle and prayer ties.

·Be shown the Native American traditions of honor and respect for family.

·Learn about medicine terms, healing stones, animal totems, and other sacred items to make and use and how to create a sacred area for prayer and reflection.

·Come in contact with your own personal spiritual guide who will aid you in your daily life.

·Learn how to merge your beliefs with that of the Native Americans for a healthier, more nonviolent existence.

Whatever happened to a less burdensome approach to life? Whatever happened to our admiration for the land, the air, water, animals? Where did human beings take such a cruel turn where money, possessions, power and control all became the priorities in society? Do you ever wish for the time where life was easier and developing inner spirit and holding dear family was priority on your daily to-do list? Well, you can get back there through the traditions of one who has had them passed from generation to generation. Now, exposed to you will be the closely kept secrets of the Native American Indian.

In Sacred Voices: Native American Teachings from the Council of Protected Words, you'll realize a more peaceful, meaningful way of life and develop a powerful sense of self-respect by being taken into a world you never knew existed. At one time, this world joined all people together to develop a spiritual sense of self and community that everyone could profit from.

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