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The Best-Kept Secrets of the World's Great Achievers
By Peter Thomson
12 CD's - $199.95

The Best-Kept Secrets of the World's Great Achieve

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Product Information

You have already heard the formula for success: Do what great achievers do, and you'll possess what great achievers have. The trick is understanding what those things are and which of them will bring you the quickest, most volatile, most sustainable results.

Peter Thomson focused on more than eight years of intense questioning discovering the "do" part of the success equation, and what he "has" as a result amounts to many millions of dollars (and counting!) - just like the super high-achieving men and women whose mysteries he uncovered.

In The Best-Kept Secrets of the World's Great Achievers, Thomson shows more than 70 of these little-known, highly coveted, and very effective secrets to you, including:

o A way to foresee and the mistakes you're going to make before you make them.
o 6 key questions to ask when you set out to do anything important.
o How to make the money you rightfully deserve.
o How to use the Strangest Secret at once, dramatically, and pervasively.
o How to easily outperform your competitors by taking one easy action.
o How to use pool balls and light bulbs to maximize your problem-solving ability.
o The "Focused Five" process for getting help of all unnecessary tasks.
o 2 items you must have on your person with you at all times.
o There are so many more!

In The Best-Kept Secrets of the World's Great Achievers, there's a bonus in it you won't want to miss.

When you're a truly great achiever, you have what you want in many, many facets of your life. Start using the more than 70 secrets uncovered by Peter Thomson in this program, and get in tune with the reality you'll receive!

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