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Secrets of Ten Great Geniuses
By Tony Alessandra, Ph.D.
6 CD's - $79.95

Secrets of Ten Great Geniuses

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Product Information

Learn how to pattern their extraordinary powers and make a substantial difference in your life!

In Secrets of Ten Great Geniuses: How to Model the Habits of a Difference-Maker, renowned author and motivational speaker Tony Alessandra will plainly talk about what the word genius really means, what it doesn't mean, and how you can get into the power of the greatest minds of all time in order to make practical improvements in the most vital areas of your life.

In this informative and inspired program, Tony shares with you:

* The unexampled visionary genius of world scholar Albert Einstein.
* The practiced genius of the infamous inventor Thomas Alva Edison.
* The surpassing leadership genius of former President Abraham Lincoln.
* The originative genius of the renowned Renaissance artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci.
* The information orator genius of the great political leader and orator Sir Winston Churchill.
* The money genius of Peter Lynch * The physical genius of Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame athlete, Wayne Gretzky.
* The funny genius of the brilliant writer and storyteller Mark Twain.
* The deep spiritual and oratorical genius of Martin Luther King.
* The philosophic genius of Helen Keller

By hearing the true and inspiring accounts that Tony shares, you'll realize how people with immense talent unified that talent with unsubduable energy and tireless work to build a reputation worthy of acknowledgment in all of the world's greatest history books. Once you integrate these ten categories of genius that he discusses into your life, you can't keep silent your own genius!

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