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Secrets of the Universe
By Dr. Wayne Dyer
4 CD's - $69.95

Secrets of the Universe

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Product Information

Dr. Wayne Dyer asserts that thought is the highest form of force in the universe, and in Secrets of the Universe he demonstrates how to use that force to bring about a life that is truly stupendous. As you follow the trail he describes in this program, wonderful conditions and miraculous outcomes naturally become a way of life. You begin to realize that there are no accidents in the universe. You learn to look further than what everyone else sees. You'll witness telling changes in your life - changes that come about by drilling into the secrets of the universe as shown in this program to you through an imaginary meeting between an Earthling and a citizen of the planet Uranus.

In his humorous, warm, and informative way, Dr. Dyer teaches you that you start by accepting responsibility for who you are and what you are today. With this powerful recognition as the base, you then begin to look at getting into and maintaining harmony with the universe. Wayne will show you that there is something much grander in everyone.

In Secrets of the Universe you'll learn:

* How to totally trust your instincts.

* How to excel above all limitations.

* To listening to the disagreeable people in your life.

* The greatest precedence in life.

* How to exploit into the guide within you.

* To follow the instruction of your dreams.

For years, Wayne has seen the universe as an ideal place. In this program, he tells you plainly how to connect with that perfection. Everything you need for true pleasure is here - on this planet - and available to the seeking. You only need to learn how to tap into it and put it to use to change your life into one you've once only dreamed about.

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