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The Seven Sacred Truths
By Denis Waitley
6 CD's - $79.95

The Seven Sacred Truths

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Product Information

If wisdom can only be obtained through experience, our elders are obviously our greatest resource. Recent Gallup polls demonstrate that the "greatest generation" experience more calm, compassion, peace, comfort, contentment, and happiness than everyone else. In our society, it takes a lifetime of mature experience to achieve this understanding and bliss, but don't you wish you could receive it now? If so, then people who have reached their senior years are the best resources available.

The Seven Sacred Truths is not about giving advice: it's about learning from the errors and the victories of a group of people who have been through all the stages of life. These are real people - not media-made celebrities or theoretical experts - but everyday folks with real chronicles that happened in the real world. To gain wisdom, we must arrive at understanding of our own minds and hearts. This program assist you in doing exactly that. The Seven Sacred Truths will help give you a set of priorities that you can live with. You'll learn what is truly essential in life.

In The Seven Sacred Truths you'll learn:

* Endless wisdom, perceptivity and advice that will help you approach life with refreshed energy and optimism
* How to keep balance in the face of swift change and uncertainty
* How to deepen the chains of friendship with people you care about, and how to increase your relationship with your spouse and family
* How to view each day, each month, and each year as a means for discovering and building on your own sacred truths.

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