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The Power of Shamanic Healing
By Dr. Alberto Villoldo
10 CD's - $139.95

The Power of Shamanic Healing

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Product Information

For 10,000 years, the Andes and Amazon shamans have been practicing and formulating an extraordinarily powerful, natural, and spiritual healing custom.

Now, in The Power of Shamanic Healing, Alberto is the link that brings you the same ancient Luminous Energy Healing application of the shamans - so that you may heal from any ail-ments of a spiritual trait, forestall illness, and speed healing after surgery.

Western medicine may "cure" you - but it doesn't mean you're healed.

When you utilize the shaman healing practice, you'll work with the Luminous Field of Energy (that surrounds everyone's physical body) - and open energetic imprints (seen by the trained shaman eye) that induce illness. You'll also discover ancient shaman healing secrets for:

* Healing and waking up your "body of light" - using the philosophy of the medicine wheel.
* Bringing equilibrium to your body, your soul, and the Earth.
* Re-establishing your association to nature.
* Distinguishing the presence of encroaching energy and removing it for greater feelings of serenity.
* Breathing deeply for kick starting energy, grounding yourself, and purifying your lungs.
* Learning life lessons from your "power animal" - shown to you in dreams and meditations, and throughout your day.
* Seeing life through the eyes of a shaman - and learning how to work with the Luminous Energy Field … and much more.

For much too long, SPIRIT has been left out of Western medicine. Now's your prime opportunity to bring SPIRIT back into your healing and live a longer, healthier life - by using the shamans' ancient healing practice.

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