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The Silva Ultramind ESP System
By Wickett, Bernd, Romero and Lytle
8 CD's - $129.95

The Silva Ultramind ESP System

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Product Information

In just 15 minutes a day, you can master the ability to:

* Read minds correctly.
* Sway people from afar.
* Gain mentorship from High Intelligence.
* Develop good feelings with everyone you are in contact with.
* Uncover secret information.
* Discover true inner peace.

And in the process ... let loose the telepathic powers you are innately born with!

A man named Jose Silva honed an easy 15-minute routine for entering the Alpha level at will, creating his own brand of ESP, which he called "effective sensory projection." The outcome of this discovery is the new Silva Ultramind ESP System. Once you've gotten down the techniques, you'll be able to:

* Read people without hesitation.
* Look through walls.
* Mold others from far away.
* Come upon what you're supposed to do with your life.
* Find secret information.
* Achieve health and keep it longer.
* Build instant resonance with anyone you come in contact with.
* help stress and relax quicker.
* Get much more with Jose Silva's New Ultramind ESP System through our audio seminar.

Jose Silva's New Ultramind ESP System is so powerful that I just had to share it with YOU. Come see what I mean.

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