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Simplify Your Life
By Elaine St. James
6 CD`s - $79.95

Simplify Your Life

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Product Information

I wonder what has to happen to make my life less complicated - how about you?

These days, many of us find ourselves simply drowned by our possessions, finances, commitments, obligations - the utter amount of "stuff" in our lives. It takes up space, oozes away time, and takes us from the things that really matter: relationships, health, happiness, spirituality, and inner growth.

Simplify Your Life gives you a much-needed boost with a for disorder and frenzy of daily life. In this funny, perceptive, and practical program, you'll learn how to bring more happiness into your life by eliminating things you don't want out of it -step by easy step. It has lots of suggestions and tips that will give you support as you begin the process of developing a more balanced, serene life that is free of pandemonium and clutter. You'll discover how to:

* Identify and help yourself of the major sources of complication in your life
* Painlessly and without guilt vacuum away space-consuming clutter in your home
* Make household duties easier
* Dramatically lessen your monthly expenses without giving up fun
* Feel comfortable saying "no" to things you don't want to accept
* Become better at making choices about how, when, and where you spend your time and money
* And so much more!

If you're afraid to open the door to your closets…are a workaholic at the office and don't want to go home... need a trash can to carry in your mail ... have a social calendar that looks like a nightmare ... or find that you need 36 hours in a 24-hour day, you'll find Simplify Your Life a source of immense relief. It's guaranteed to make your life simpler, calmer, less hectic, and far more fun and pleasant than it is today!

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