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Sleep Programming High Achievers Mega-Kit
By Dick Sutphen
6 CD's - $119.95

Dick Sutphen's Sleep Programming High Achievers Me

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Product Information

As you get comfortable and slip into first-stage sleep, the cycle per second of your brain slows down to "Alpha" level. The second level of "Theta" is just before deep "Delta" sleep. "Alpha" and "Delta" are the levels accessed for hypnosis programming. So suggestions while at these mental levels are as effective as hypnotic mind programming.

Dick Sutphen's Sleep Programming is an truly outstanding and powerful audio experience that will boost your subconscious to positively modify your most basic beliefs about personal success and happiness at the level most critical: your subconscious mind. And it does it all while you get a good night's sleep.

Sleep programming has been substantiated to be highly effective for thousands of people over many years, and Dick Sutphen is one of the most recognized and respected sleep programmers in the world. This one-of-a-kind powerful combination of strategies are the result of 40 years of research and testing. They will work for you … even if your conscious mind won't believe it.

Why not make take advantage of this super nightly opportunity to learn, to grow, and to fill yourself with overpowering life energy. With Sleep Programming, you'll have what you need to succeed --- and do it while catching some zzz's!

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