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Journey To Your Soul's Magnificence
By Pamela Dunn
12 CD's - $129.95

Journey To Your Soul's Magnificence

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Product Information

Journey to Your Soul's Magnificence's pioneering structure is designed to steer and advise you step by step through ONE FULL YEAR of soul awakening and enlightenment.

The complete system includes 12 Compact Discs featuring 52 separate, self-contained yet interrelated audio sessions. Each session revolves around a different spiritual theme, and is meant to provide you with a week's worth of direct activity, contemplation and meditation.

In addition to the 12 CDs, you will get two extensive workbooks including exercises that correspond to and incorporate with each of the 52 audio sessions, and provide additional perception into the ideas you encounter as you listen.

As you progress through the audio, workbook and meditation sessions over the course of a year, you will:

* Clear up and define the outcome you want to achieve in your life right now
* Make some easy and surprising changes that will significantly increase the likelihood that your intentions will materialize
* Learn how to tune in, trust, and pay attention to the guidance of your intuition so that you can step aside from the kinds of mistakes and missteps you have slipped up on in the past
* Realign your borders so that they welcome and contain more good things, while still remaining shielding
* Become aware of your feelings - even the negative ones - as the voice of God, and understand how to correctly interpret and effectively use their messages
* Why "spiritual responsibility" is the means to getting everything you want, and the five-step process for developing it
* Incredible and unexpected new ways for you to connect with God

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