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Soul Mapping
By various authors
8 CD's - $89.95

Soul Mapping

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Product Information

In SOUL MAPPING: An Imaginative Journey to Self-Discovery you are called for to actively take part in discovering your truest self, that part of you that is deeply linked to all of the wisdom, peace, and happiness that you would ever need. Through the merged insights of Nina Frost, Dr. Kenneth Ruge, and Dr. Richard Shoup (The Vocare Group), you will be taken on an energizing journey of self-discovery. As you produce your soul map, you will uncover your deepest desires and find inflammatory ways in which to make your hidden dreams and hopes a reality.

SOUL MAPPING: An Imaginative Journey to Self-Discovery is a pro-active plan in which you are given the many resources to create your sole soul map. Your map is made up of ten distinct single maps that, when assembled, will assist you in solving many of your life's unanswered questions, allowing you to take part in the vast breadth of your greatness.

Each of these maps is an exploration of such themes as:
* Revisiting and re-connecting with your childhood recollections and longings.
* Exploring a variety of pleasures and pastimes that you are zealous about.
* Waking up your hidden desires and innermost passions.
* Looking into the effects of past education and the possibility of future education.
* Opening up to the gift of your envy and the perceptions that it brings to your sense of self.
* Notice the roles that grief, detours and losses have affected your soul's development.
* And much more!

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