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Sound Health, Sound Wealth Audio Book
By Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.
9 CD's - $39.95

Sound Health, Sound Wealth Audio Book

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Product Information

The Sound Health, Sound Wealth System is composed of two distinct yet related components. These units are designed to work together to employ your WHOLE consciousness and being in the course of action for achieving prosperity and fulfillment - on the material, physical, and spiritual levels.

The first element is an unprecedented new sound frequency help which combines ancient wisdom, post-quantum physics, vibration, color therapies, and the very latest scientific research and technology, with life-changing results.

The second element in the scheme of things is the complete, unabridged audio version of Dr. Oakes' ALL NEW book, Sound Health, Sound Wealth: The Biology of Hope and Manifestation.

In this captivating and deeply driving narrative, Dr. Oakes explains the essential, timeless rationales that underlie the sound frequency help. You will come to realize on an intellectual level what you feel on a subconscious and cellular level during the help.

Dr. Oakes also lays out - through almost unbelievable true stories, easy and gentle, yet mighty, suggestions, and information pulled from her 35 years' of study and experience - a format for arriving at transformation and abundance-attraction a dynamic, conscious, way of life that keeps on going.

When both of these two elements are used together, they line up your consciousness and awareness with the underlying abundance of the Universe … AND they regenerate and equilibrize your internal well-being.

The exceptional combined result? You are given the power to automatically and without effort produce dramatic external changes in all areas.

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