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Sound Health, Sound Wealth Book
By Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.
1 Book - $14.95

Sound Health, Sound Wealth Book

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Product Information

Experience the revolutionary convergence of science, spirituality, and health that is transforming lives by the thousands.

"Sound Health, Sound Wealth by Luanne Oakes, Ph.D. is an integrative
blend of scientific wisdom and the healing arts that promotes well-being
and accelerates expansion of the whole self …" - Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Sound Health, Sound Wealth is a groundbreaking union of the fields of science, spirituality, and health. In this philosophical and inspiring book, Dr. Luanne Oakes combines client stories, personal experiences, and key theories from her decades of medical, scientific, and spiritual study into a major breakthrough that will alter the way you think about staying healthy, attaining a state of well-being, and starting out on the life you want.

Mixing scientific graphics with everyday examples, Sound Health, Sound Wealth will give you a mixture of life-enhancing choices and new possibilities for changing your life. From the moment you pick the ones that are right for you, be ready for exciting new synchronistic and unforgettable experiences.

This exclusive system uses full-spectrum healing technologies that work on a cellular, molecular, and subconscious level, providing you the ability to create Your Heart's Most Treasured Desires - plainly from the inside out. You will discover how to:

* Send the Universe an "en-mail" ("energetic email") so it can send exactly what you want and need
* "energy leaks" so you will feel more full of life, enthusiastic, and zealous
* Develop an "inner knowing" and total assurance that you are attracting and creating all that you need and crave, including money
* Convert time so it becomes your ally rather than your adversary
* And so much more!

This extraordinary book also comes with Dr. Oakes' forward-looking sound frequency CD - an "effortless power tool" for tranquility and refreshing your mind and body, and for creating an internal atmosphere that attracts what you most want in life.

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