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Spiritual Alchemy
By Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.
8 CD's - $119.95

Spiritual Alchemy

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Product Information

Welcome to this totally distinctive experience of authentic empowerment. Through Spiritual Alchemy™: New Technologies for Abundance, Health, and Harmony, you can take pleasure in your magical, mystical journey as you transform old leaden thoughts and ideas smoothly into golden treasures of well-being: body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Luanne Oakes has produced this extraordinary, distinctive materialization and healing system to assist you to be at your maximum and best in this new millennium of unprecedented briskness of world change. Dr. Oakes' Spiritual Alchemy™ is heart-based expertise that is literally effortless. In fact, the less you "work," and the more you "feel," the deeper your inspiration and healing experience will be! You will be given the golden keys to your heart's most cherished desires.

In this convincing, provocative, and educational blend of scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom, Luanne Oakes, Ph.D., presents you with:

* Powerful multilayered sound frequency chakra therapeutic helps that balance, rejuvenate, and heal each of your first seven chakras and their resulting emotions and biological functions.
* Multidimensionality as you look into the ancient and quantum sciences of altering space/time agreements, and the endless possibilities to create bliss from within to without.
* Magical, miraculous, and practical alchemy that Dr. Oakes refers to as The Twelve Alchemical Healers.
* Holographic technology to increase your health, well-being, wealth, and deepest connection to the wondrous Divine Intelligence of all Creation.
* Methods and modalities to aid you in effortlessly helping your fears, so that you can gain an understanding of the world of peace, rejuvenation, joy, and synchronization that you deserve.
* Fascinating new and very old scientific and spiritual proof that substantiates the effectiveness of the frequency technology offered to you in this amazing program!

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