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Spiritual Evolution
By Sylvia Browne
8 CD's - $99.95

Spiritual Evolution

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Product Information

In Spiritual Evolution, Sylvia Browne's first-ever Nightingale-Conant audio program, this adored teacher offers a powerful and energizing approach to active spirituality.

Doing away common misconceptions and mystifications, Sylvia shows you how to lift the veil that divides you from the spiritual dimension … take charge of the forces that reside in it … clearly understand the messages they are persistently sending you … and use that information to measurably perk up your life and move your soul ever closer to a full understanding of God.

In these eight fantastic sessions, you'll discover the spiritual secrets, formulas, tricks, and methods Sylvia has shared with personal clients and used herself, along with data and insights she has never talked about before. As you listen to this talented teacher, you will learn how to:

* Meet your individual Spirit Guide and begin enriching your life with the Guide's direct, practical wiseness.
* your fear of death when you learn exactly what happens when you "pass over," and what the Afterlife really is.
* Open up yourself to your natural telepathic ability and start using it every day.
* Trigger your own healing powers. (You'll physically feel it happening!)
* Use the negativity in today's domain to rise above it. (In a way, it's good that there's so much drifting around right now. She'll show you why.)
* Shield yourself from dangerous "Psychic Attacks" from people who sap your energy or make you feel bad, or locations that leave you feeling empty or upset - one easy morning practice will keep you safe from all of it.
* being frustrated by hurts you can't forgive. (You don't have to forgive everything! Sylvia reveals what to do instead.)
* And a whole lot more!

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