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Spiritual Healing Intensive
By Ron Roth, Ph.D.
10 CD's - $139.95

Spiritual Healing Intensive

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Product Information

"There is only one religion, and that is the religion of love."

"As many of you know, in September of 2001 I experienced a "stroke of good luck." Through this seeming tragedy an unquenching fire is taking place within my very being. This awakening is enabling a full integration of modern medicine and ancient mysticism. There is a profound knowing of the power behind the "I AM" statements. Mystics from many traditions understood that this is the name for God and because of this knowing, there is a power emanating when the words I AM are used. Are you saying, "I am tired, busy, or frustrated?" Or are you saying, "I am great, happy, and healthy?" What is your I am-ness bringing into your consciousness and your life? We all have locked within us a spiritual power that holds the key to our healing." - Ron Roth

Among the new insights that Ron has obtained is his full and unembarrassed commitment to living and teaching his Truth. Asserting a breadth of consolidative spiritual practices, Ron re-creates the remarkable texts of the Christian Bible in a style that is both deeply insightful and great fun! He truly is an artist with the gift of words, who clearly has a knack for painting delightful and enlightening pictures of the greatest saints and sages the globe has even known.

In the program SPIRITUAL HEALING INTENSIVE, Ron swings wide the doors to:
* Finding greater equilibrium in your life through reaching a deeper knowing of God.
* Listening to God with your heart, instead of staying apart and in your head.
* Worshipping in spirit and truth with no agenda.
* Effortlessly heightening all relationships in your life.
* Integrating fourth dimensional living into your daily life.
* and much, much more!

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