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Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams
By Steven K. Scott
16 MP3 sessions - $79.95

Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams

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Product Information

There are a lot of famous people out there - just examine the road to success for people like like Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey, and you'll inherit a treasure that will change your life . Steven Scott spent years investigating today's achievers and condensed his findings into 15 "power secrets" that you can use to modify your life!

" Session 1: The Art of Dream Conversion
" Session 2: You've Been Programmed for Mediocrity
" Session 3: Overcoming Fear of Failure
" Session 4: Rising Above Criticism
" Session 5: Expanding Your Know-How and Resources
" Session 6: Discovering Your Personality Type
" Session 7: Gaining a Clear and Precise Vision
" Session 8: The Dream Conversion Process
" Session 9: Developing Babe Ruth Power
" Session 10: Developing Steven Spielberg Partnering
" Session 11: Developing Helen Keller Positiveness
" Session 12: Developing Pit Bull Persistence
" Session 13: Earthquake Persuasion Foundation
" Session 14: The Earthquake Persuasion Technique
" Session 15: How to Develop Laser Accurate Priority Planning
" Session 16: How to Develop Oprah Winfrey Passion

From the dawning of dream conception and on to developing Oprah Winfrey passion, the Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams by Stephen Scott is a program that you can't afford to miss. Take the bit in your teeth and get it now so you can realize your dreams!

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