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A new YOU with high quality subliminal tapes!

Browse over 400 powerful subliminal tapes and CDs to help you reshape your life and transform you into a better person! For relaxation, weight loss, health and wellness, or any aspect of your life that you want to improve! All our subliminal tapes and CDs feature 35-50 minutes of relaxing audio music with a powerful track of motivating affirmations layered underneath the music. This means that you do not hear the suggestions; your conscious mind will seemingly only pick up the music, but your subconscious will absorb the subliminal messages. Instant Download & Free Shipping!

How you can benefit from listening to Subliminal Tapes & CDs:

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Our subliminal tapes and CDs contain powerful, motivating and inspirational suggestions that are inaudible to the listener. This means that you DO NOT hear the suggestions. The way they are created also plays a pivotal role into how effective they are. We use the highest quality in software & equipment to create our subliminal tapes. Our powerful suggestions are effectively placed into specific regions at specific times, "layered" into the music (you can't hear them out loud), at the appropriate decibel level to be unobtrusive to your listening pleasure, all while being prime for absorption by your subconscious mind. This creates a perfect environment for the user to use subliminal tapes or CDs, either by relaxing and focusing on it, or by playing it in the background while doing something else.

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